Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation can be the best option for women
who find their breasts inadequate in size. This procedure
is also helpful for mothers whose breasts have
decreased in size following pregnancy and
breastfeeding. The saline and silicone gel implants we
use are approved by the FDA. Incisions can be made
through the armpit, through the areola, or beneath the

Breast Lift

Also known as mastopexy, breast lift surgery restores
a firm shape to breasts that have sagged as a result
of aging, gravity, loss of skin elasticity, pregnancy, or
weight loss. In this procedure, the lower portions of
the stretched skin is removed. Afterward, the
surrounding tissue is tightened to support and
reshape the new breast contour.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery is frequently done to provide
relief from symptoms caused by overly large breasts,
such as back, neck, and shoulder pain. The procedure
removes excess fat and breast gland tissues and
tightens skin to produce smaller, lighter breasts.


Breast Reconstruction

This procedure is performed to rebuild a breast's shape
after a mastectomy. Even though this surgery may
 not give a woman back her breasts, most women who
had undergone this procedure are glad that they have
done so.
The type of reconstruction you’ll get depends on your
body type, age, and cancer treatment you received.
Breast reconstruction takes more than one surgery. Additional procedures may include adding a nipple orchanging the shape or size of the reconstructed breast


Gynecomastia is the swelling of the breasts in a man.
It is usually caused by hormonal imbalance, but it can
also, be due to certain medications, body enhancing
drugs, marihuana, alcohol or just plain obesity. It is
surgically corrected by liposuction procedure or
removal of the excess breast glands through a
small incision leaving an unnoticeable scar.


Renuvion J Plasma

Renuvion J Plasma is the latest and best to date
technology used for subdermal skin tightening. The
J Plasma canula introduces plasma heat
underneath the skin. This causes the skin to tighten
right in front of your doctor’s eyes.
J Plasma treatment can be used in all areas of the body,
upper arms, breast, abdomen, thighs, etc.